• How does it work?
    Grab a group of friends, get some awesome props and stand in front of the booth. You can get it all started by just tapping the touch screen monitor. The booth will take 3 photos with a 8 seconds time delay in between each photo. After all 3 photos are taken, the photos will be printed on 4×6 photo paper. Then take your photos and show them off.
  • Do you have attendant for your photobooth?
    Our photobooth comes with a professional photobooth attendant who will setup and take down the photobooth. He is also responsible in making the photobooth run smoothly and assist your guests if they have any questions.
  • Does your photobooth include prints?
    Of course! Every photobooth session includes 1 copy 4R Postcard type (4×6 inches) or 2 copies Strips (2×6 inches). Guest can have as many photobooth session as they wish within the specified rental period. We also offer unlimited printing if you need to!
  • Do you do outdoor events?
    Yes we do! How ever you have to advice us prior the event that we are setting outdoor. In case weather would not permit us, you should have another option to place the photobooth indoors.
  • How much space do you need for the photobooth?
    We can setup our booth for as compact as 6′ x 6′ space. However, we recommend atleast 8′ x 8′ space could be provided so that we have enough room and more people can have fun at the booth at the same time.
  • What time do you setup your booth?
    We arrive around 1 hour before our start up time in order for us to setup and test the booth completely. If the booth service/start up time is 4pm we arrive around 3pm at the venue, in case you want us to arrive and setup early we charge additional 50 to 100 depending on the setup time.
  • Does the photobooth time keep running during idle time?
    We advice that you use the photobooth continuously and avoid breaks. However, if you really need to, we just charge additional $50/hour for idle time.
  • Can we download our photos online?
    Your photos will be uploaded in high resolution via our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/FunSnapsBooth just Like our page and you can start tagging your selves.
  • Do we get a photo album guestbook?
    You have the option to add guestbook for $100 and double printing for $50/hour for Postcard type.
  • How far in advance do we have to book the photobooth?
    You can reserve any time that you wish! but just a word of advice, the earlier the better! Our photobooth booking is getting filled faster than we imagined.
  • Can we suggest for our prints template layout?
    We have no problem with that! Just let us know what you want and send us the details like color, theme, message, event date, logo and name.
    Our templates format is 4×6 or 2×6 inches in size with 3 photos in it.
  • Why do we need a photobooth if we already have a photographer?
    Photographers are awesome at artfully capturing the details of your special day. But they’re not so awesome at providing hours of entertainment for your guests.
  • How can we make a reservation/booking?
    In order to reserve/book the date, we require a reservation fee of $100. As of today we accept credit card (SquareUp), etransfer (interac) or cheque and mail it to us.
  • Do you provide Contract upon paying our reservation fee?
    Yes we do! you can fill up our Contract Form to get a copy of your Contract.
  • Do we need to prepare something during the event?
    We would require a rectangular table to put our props on and 2 chairs. Booth location should have near power source.
  • Can we add our own props?
    Yes you can! provided that you will put markings/labels on the props so that you can identify your own and we are not liable to lost or damaged props.
  • What do you wear during events?
    We usually wear appropriately during events depending on what occasion.
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